An island where tears are shed
Fears are relived in this landlocked place
Alone where you belong
In the cold with the scorching sun on your face
Guilt from the past mixes with the shame of failure and flame of regret

Outside looks like a healthy lure
Just to let go and not give a care
Harden and not let emotions wear
Exhausted and dirty these thoughts
Run wild propagating like rabbits
All mixed in with your nasty habits
Who can win alone on an island against themselves?

Then you find a man who has lived
On your Island the whole time
He is kind faced, with speech equally inviting
He listened and didn’t say your habits and failures were okay
Rather he said he knew of another way
And even knowing my past he accepted me
The dirtiest night and day 
He said regret is for yesterday
Here and now is where you’re living

Just knowing acceptance knowing who you are
And knowing God isn’t as distant as those stars
You looked at and wondered if you would amount to much
With a world so big
Just the snap of a twig
He took up His own cross
Counted His life loss
And did what He did because He loves
And wants to accept the lost
Floating alone on their islands
Find hope in the one that didn’t count them as loss

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