I wear who I am as I speak to you

I would rather trust, than regret not believing
I would rather love, than go unwounded
I would rather have joy, than chose hatred
I would rather take a risk, than let waters go untried
I would rather tell truth, than let others believe a lie
I would rather make peace, than go at your throat for an attack
I would rather choose pain, than let the broken go without an ear to listen
I would rather stand and protect, than leave you out to dry
I would rather never give up, than never to try
I would rather have faith and it come to nothing, than to not have searched
I would rather toil, than live life never to have worked
I would rather live for Jesus, than to spend my life in vain
I wear who I am as I speak to you, and I rarely hold back

Who would you rather be, than who you truly are
Pain does incredible things, and you have a choice
Seek help and work through your difficulties
Allowing time and His work in you to grow
Or allow the pain to let time eventually slow
Blinding you to everything around you
Lies work and their fruit is distrust
Hope in the one who promises treasures that don’t rust
To those who would be a bully
There is one who would protect you fully
Give you a hope beyond your insecurities
Instead of inflicting pain on others as your release
Those who think their labors will never end
Remember after it all He is who wins
The one who gives you the reward
If you’ve chosen one other than Jesus
Remember of grace He’s the greatest steward
Turn to Him for life, for in all these things He will bring you vitality
When there is discord and confusion, He will be your reality
Because I find my identity in Him I am free
I wear who I am as I speak to you, and I rarely hold back

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