In the wild

Turmoil on the inside
Skin and the heart don’t align
A smile when the soul is maligned
Sometimes sharing what is occurring
Is so tiring your words begin slurring
Better to keep it within
Who knows where to begin
Who will understand the pain in the end
Yet the desperation of finding someone to share
Overtakes and you become aware
Of the One who already sees the roiling emotions
Your heart is going beyond the motions
Everyone else sees today
Seeking and trying to find a way
To healthily express what your soul is feeling
To put out what in your mind is reeling

He is the one who understands
When thoughts and people blow away like the Sands
He is the oasis in the desert of love
Unconditionally accepting who you are
When you feel like you’ve fallen so far
He is there coming alongside you
He has compassion for the broken hearted
Knowing your needs before you’ve started

Crying out to Him in your desperation
He’s the ones who hears the prayers of nations
You– He loves and adores
Your sin is put in the depths and ignored
He loves you for who he created you to be
Not for what you’ve become
Or what others have said to make you come undone

You are loved and precious in His sight
In the end this is all that matters
Even if you are alone in the waters
He is the one that will bring rain in the desert
Come to him and bring your effort
Rest in His love freely given
Find your identity in Him and him alone
He is greater than your insecurities
Than the fears you dread nightly
Kneel before His heavenly throne
Jesus is your God and you are his child
He is the only one who will be with you in the wild

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