Finding meaning

In some way we are all searching for meaning. This seems to be especially prevalent in my generation, and of late especially in myself. I guess you can call me weird. I have no particular dreams, no vast overarching goals, not even dreams of a specific career. Sure, I want to be a missionary one day, but what kind and in what capacity? How will I get there, when? I’m in the process of catching up with my debt. How do I make the best of that in the meantime? How to find significance and meaning in the meantime? I want my life to mean more than earning $$ and just getting by, I want to find meaning in the mundane. I know I was meant to live for more, and I refuse to loose myself. I may not have any dreams, but I do always strive to positively affect those around me for the gospel. l’m human and I fail, but in the end I hope what will be my humanity in light of His divinity.

I suppose a start for me is to begin writing again. It’s something I got distracted from in the course of life. It’s something I love and l pray in some small way it helps you as it does me.

Yesterday is dead and gone. Am I who I want to be when I’m living the life l am? Right now I can honestly say I’m not who I want to be. I’m selfish and undisciplined in my relationship with God. A wonderful blessing l’ve been given is breath in my lungs and the chance to change. I have the chance to find my meaning and purpose in Him. I don’t have any dreams now, but in time He will give me dreams, My life will mean more and be more because of my relationship with Him. I might not change He world like I want to, but I will be satisfied I gave my all and didn’t waste my life pursuing things I can’t leave this world with anyway.

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