You assume the worst
Act as if I’m cursed
What happened to love
You act like I’m accursed

I’m the one on the other end
Of your assuming gun of wind
Beaten down not given a chance
Left as if I’m rotting in my sin

You see my life as linear
Have you given my thoughts an ear
Thinking my life is yours to change
When all your words do is sear

I am a child in your eyes
My eyes roaming like little spies
Trust is a leaf floating in the fall
Its death staring up at the skies

Brandishing the excellence of love
I will move on looking above
What happened I know too well
Patience I want to display in love

This here is where love gets real
When all my heart wants to do is appeal
I surrender my soul to endure
Hoping all things becomes my zeal

Facing all of this pain is hard
Not feeling welcome in my own yard
I will talk with you in humility
Kindness my calling card

If I could say one thing to you
It would be no matter what I love you
You’re forgiven no wrongs suffered
I rejoice in truth that hasn’t gone askew
… I love you.

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