We are all trying not to sin. There is always something we are working on, trying to better ourselves. It’s most likely the thing that is our kryptonite and our downfall in times of weakness, whatever that may be. This thing also tends to be where we beat ourselves up the most, causing insecurities and doubting God. At times, it consumes us. At all times, we just want to be better. We don’t want to sin, or in other words we just keep trying our hardest not to mess up.

The thing is, what separates us from an unbeliever in this? Aren’t they doing the same exact thing? It might not be to God, but I know there are loving husbands out there trying to clean up their life for their wife. There are the children who want to make their parents proud. Young adults want to appear professional and turn from the party life for a good job. The list goes on.

What separates the believer from the unbeliever is our position (redeemed) and our focus (on Christ). Many of us fall into the notion that we have to get rid of our sin to be in relation with God. How wrong of us to think that when God wanted relationship with us before we knew grace! It makes me think of Paul telling the church they are still drinking milk rather than eating the food of the Word of God. Being freed from sin is foundational, this happened when we believed in Christ. From that point we grow beyond worrying about our sinful state and begin to focus on the God who gave us life, trusting that as we get to know Him He will sanctify us.

Yes, there will be conviction of our sin. We will be utterly aware of it in the light of His glory. However, we will not be worried about it separating us from the love of Christ. That love of Christ has become our focus and that others know it our goal. We aren’t perfect. We won’t be until we are with Him. We can still turn our focus off of what is wrong with us and onto what is right with Christ. When we take captive our thoughts and fill them with things of Christ instead of negative things we begin to change. Focus on heavenly things (things of God) and not earthly things (our sin for example). This isn’t advocating some aloof person with their eyes in the stars, rather someone connected with God and living that out in the real world.

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