I’m thankful I my husband isn’t dying of contagion
He is strong and I’m content with my wages
I’m not where a virus rages

I’m thankful my country isn’t in civil war
Families and friends trying to settle a score
I leave oppression by an open door

I’m thankful it’s not my son there dying
From a war he couldn’t avoid by lying
He’s alive well to continue striving

I’m thankful I’m not a difference race
Missing discrimination just grace
My eyes aren’t filled with mace

I’m just thankful it’s not me
Not my family I have to see
And it’s not my apology

Thankful in our self-centeredness
We’re not embraced with death’s kiss
For lack of trial we are in bliss

Thankful we’ll go to our graves
Ignoring suffering of the souls who’s hunger we refused to stave
Just happy we are saved

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