Life isn’t simple, it’s a complicated mess that is still beautiful. That was illustrated to me tonight in the simple act of doing laundry in a hotel.

To start off, I returned from work early. I saw another person had their laundry in the washer that was done. I had time to spare, so I moseyed around for a couple of hours and came back. Seeing no change, I decided to drop a couple loonies(dollars for my American friends) and get their laundry dry while mine washed. I come back an hour later, still no change and my laundry was washed.

The dryer was quite bad, and I was running out of time waiting for them. I dried my laundry the first time, to no avail. Dried a second time, thinking when it was done (checking quite often now as it was late) I would dry their laundry again. I had just went down and checked, my thick warm sweater was still really damp. I decided to give it more time (another episode of the legend of korra).

I came back to check thinking it might be done, and the clothes were switched. My immediate reaction was anger. I had waited patiently, paid for their laundry, waited more, and I got returned with wet clothes. All this staying up an extra hour so I have warm clothes for work.

I proceeded to think of the best note I could write to leave with two looneys to tell them thank you for what they had done (super passive aggressive right?). As I was raging about a thought came to me that the person stomping around and upset about wet clothes isn’t who I’m supposed to be. Basically, that’s not me.

So I went down to see if the hotel had another dryer. They didn’t, but the older reception lady was really nice. She gave me a refund and offered to finish off the clothes for me while I sleep so I can pick them up in the morning.

But that’s not the ending to the story. Nor will this be the ending you expect. It’s not about being vindicated because I was nice and I got it paid back to me in some way or another. It’s not about having dry clothes either.

The best thing about the whole situation was I got to interact with someone genuinely. I was able to talk to her and genuinely care why she was working late hours. We even got to talk about her fear of bears (I work where there are those creatures). Nothing momentous, but an insight into someone’s life, seeing a little picture of who they are and their story. She lost her job three weeks ago, and found what was available.

I want to ask a favor of whoever reads this, because I think this is an opportunity to pray for someone God loves… Even if I might not see her again. Can we pray for her?

We are given opportunities to change lives for the Kingdom, and let us make the most of them no matter how small or how they come to us. Sometimes, it’s clearly in front of you. At other times, we have to get over ourselves (and things) and see what is truly there.

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