I wake up
I can’t breathe
It’s dark
Yeah right
I feel dirty
I’m wet
And I smell something earthy

I make a lot of effort
Rolling over I see a man
Blue sky behind, face hidden
I still feel dirty, and wet
I realize I smell too

I manage to sit up
From blue sky
And a shadow of a man
My eyes drift down
All I see is dark brown

My hope of getting out
It’s gone
I flop back down exhausted
I’m dirty anyway
I don’t want to be clean

Something catches my eye
Part of my sleeve
It’s a little lighter
My robes were lighter
Not this smelly earthy color

As I sit I think
Why is this man here?
I’m smelling awful
Stains permeate me
Mud cleaves to my soul

His eyes look through me
No, I suppose into me
It’s unsettling
But also a relief
He sees my dirt

Eyes kind and firm
Hands rough and strong
An expression of passion
Who is this man?
Why is he here?

He tells me to take it
To take his hand
I’m worried
Worried I’ll pull him in
He has white robes

He says not to worry
He was made dirty
Already smelled earthy
He did it for me
He loves me

I swallow
And take his hand
Such strength
The air smells clean
It feels good to be upright

Something surprises me
He hands me a robe
Tells me I’m clean
I’m in wonder
I just took his hand

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