Hey love
I have something
Something to tell you
Truth must be told
About how my love grew

I want you to know
The promises I’ve sewn
Not empty words and sounds
In love they know no bounds

It’s something different from the rest
Not shallowness that fails the test
Hook up culture and it’s lies
I believed in establishing ties

I believe in commitment
As a gift that’s heaven sent
Cherishing you when you don’t
Encouraging you when you can’t

You’re not my addiction
Babe you’re my conviction
To have and to hold
Always as we grow old

Written to noone. I don’t think this expresses my thoughts completely. I’m tired of music that emphasizes the emotional crazed (really, crazed) state of relationships. Few songs focus on a deep, committed, and pure love for a spouse.

A lot of it sounds like a cat call (or just about wanting to get laid), instead of something genuine coming from the heart. Maybe I’ll add to this one day when I’m not sleepy anymore. My thought process started with the last verse, so we shall see what happens with it! Until then, peace.

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