Wrote this after wanting to take a macro of a pen… and I figured it would be cool to have something to highlight it. I suppose I got carried away with my pen. Oh well. Here it is:

Words on a page
Do they blend together
Do they separate into blooms
Tingling ones’s soul to life

Do they wage war on vanity
Or in a splash of ink wasted
On social media’s righteous war
Bent on settling agenda’s score

Do they speak of beautiful seasons
Of the golden hues of fall
Of the crunch of snow beneath your boots
Words have entranced me in other worlds

Do the worlds you create in anger
Do they still allow others to flourish
Do they simply let them drown in your tyranny
Do they create a world of balanced symmetry

Words on a page say many things
Do they say something worth while
For a laugh for challenge for good
I write, leaving you words on a page.

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