A dynamic system

Everything in the universe moves relative to everything else. The sun is no more fixed in space than the earth is.

This quote has more implications for life and thinking than just a scientific statement. It has vast social implications as well. Let me explain.

The world is complicated and dynamic. Political policies change, leaders change, countries change, and nothing remains fixed. Our thinking and policy making remains stuck in the same thinking as the earth is flat and the sun is stationary. How so? We bank on one leader, one country, and are set ablaze by one situation when we fail to see there are many dynamics occurring in a given situation. We don’t try to see the rest of the dynamics in play, and our emotions get in the way as well. We see one facet of truth.

People aren’t stationary, just like the universe. They are also complicated and dynamic. Yet, they are still people and that is the constant. Just as the stars are the stars. Yet, we also move in relation to one another. A political move is made, and counter move is put in action. This dynamic is in Israel, American politics, and worldwide politics. One unfortunate common theme is in place. Instead of knowing most of the reason (formulas, the why) behind the movement and undulation, we don’t. We know why the stars and universe moves in relation to other objects. It is gravity and mathematics, to put it simply.

In politics, however, there is no such simple answer. The entire truth cannot be known about any given situation because it is a card held against the chest to be played later. Sometimes it’s burned or hidden so that people cannot discover its meaning. This cardplay will be the downfall of politics and humanity. Truth withheld, even difficult truth, is the beginning of deception for selfish gain. Most wars are fought on this progression. Truth withheld, covered up, not given/allowed press, etc. makes navigating a complicated situation like handling Russia, China, North Korea, and Israel impossibly difficult. Truth is the power play and trump card, and those who brandish it use it as a sword to slay their enemies. The play and counterplay happen frequently. The US came into Iraq declaring that there were WMDs to be taken care of. No WMDs were found.

There is an instigator on either side of the fence who polarises the masses while those with a wholistic moderate view are generally marginalized. They are seen as weak or untrustworthy because they don’t swing to a particular party. At the least, they won’t get the support of either party because they don’t align enough with either, even though their thoughts and politics are solid. It is more about aligning with a party rather than bettering the country, speaking of US politics.

Credibility is a resource to be coveted. Regimes fall or are taken out based on this. Why is Edward Snowden so powerful? He owns truth. Why is cyberwarfare so dangerous? Truth can be uncovered and taken away. With such a powerful resource, all we do is protect it with lies. What a terrible barricade at the least, and a crippling foundation at the most.

How can we make informed decisions with the world the way it is? Search out truth. A lot of the time, you cannot find it in a politician. Where you can find a better resource is history, studying cultures, studying religions, and becoming acquainted with truth. We are in an age when we’ve been given unprecedented access to be able to know truth. We have powerful research tools at our fingertips, but we don’t use them. A people ignorant of truth is the easiest to manipulate in the free world. Citizens controlled by out of control emotions can be played to vote to suit the gains of those at the top. Don’t be a sheep and get eaten by a wolf because you don’t know what one looks like. Study them and know their eating habits so you won’t be mauled when one comes into your midst.

Just some thoughts about how truth plays in our world today. Thoughts are welcome. How has truth (or the lack of it) affected your view of politicians and countries involved? How has truth affected your life? Has it helped you see complex dynamics in a social system?

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