“Enough is enough.”

“Enough is enough.”

I’m angry.

Isn’t the point of owning a “Christian” business to be an example of difference in how you run your business to others? So, instead of bigotry (hint: pharisees) wouldn’t the intended message that is to be conveyed gospel centered?

I’ll delve a little further. The Law’s design (OT) was designed to point out sin and our need for God. Jesus, the fulfillment of the Law, is the Sacrifice made so the Law can be fulfilled.

Are we giving unbelievers the Law without any indication of the Gospel? Does our depiction of our morality turn them away before they can learn who Jesus is and why they need redemption? They see Jesus as a detached strongman in heaven bringing hellfire and brimstone because of this behavior.

Looking at businesses who turn away people for what they believe reeks of hypocrisy, bigotry, and judgement. It’s like punching someone in the face and telling them they need heart surgery. They are so pissed off they got punched in the face they fail to see their need and immediately cease to listen to you. The business you run IS NOT YOURS. Nothing in this life is.

Do you not know who gives those gifts? What do you do with them? Turn them into a political platform in direct opposition to the Gospel? In light of the Gospel, who gives a #$%& about your gun rights, freedom, or any “right” we are supposed to possess?

Isn’t our freedom found in Christ? Let’s put it this way, North Korean Christians (among many other Christians) possess none of the blessings we are given in this country and they still live free from chains because of Jesus. Why do we throw chains back onto our right to religious freedom and make fools of ourselves because of it? We don’t look any different than the ones we try to space ourselves from. We’re just part of the culture of slavery (to sin, ideas, etc).

Christian culture has assimilated the idea that we need to puff our chest out and make a show of “standing for what WE believe.” Anything outside of that brings murmuring… Things like being offended, we’ll get persecuted more for taking a “weaker” position, etc.

Why not change our paradigm? Doesn’t the Gospel transcend culture as well as interact with it in meaningful ways? They can see flowers and tell people of God’s creation and the intricacy with which He made those beautiful plants growing before them. They can have their car worked on free of charge for a family in need and wonder why the shop owner was so generous. It goes on.

Why can’t a business welcome people, politely disagree, get to know the people they would have normally rejected, and invest in their lives? Can’t a business be a conduit for this? Why is a business supposed to be a platform for morality? Where. Is. The. Gospel??

Let us pray maybe our brothers and sisters will maybe change their mind in the way they present Christ and how they run their business. Don’t discount the hope and potential for change through Christ.


I was asked this question (thanks Nathan), and my response is below. If I owned a bakery and I was asked to put let’s say gay marriage rules or a homosexual couple on top would it be wrong of me to decline those parts of the cake?

My question to you would be what would most advance the Gospel in your situation? I think the “right” and “wrong” depends on this: “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”
–James 4:17

It might be politely declining business and explaining why in a healthy way. It could be accepting business and using it as an opportunity to get to know someone. As in different areas of life, there are no clear cut answers for every situation. We do the best we can do with prayer, knowing Scripture, and surrounding ourselves with wise friends/family when making tough decisions when it comes to these things. In the end, we are human. We do make mistakes, but we can learn from them.

In the story above, the man’s heart obviously wasn’t on Christ and his fruit is evident of where his focus is. However, I would more seriously look at someone who’s fruit does point to Christ. What is important to me behind the people who make these decisions is the heart behind the matter and who the decision points to.

4 thoughts on ““Enough is enough.”

  1. I totally agree!!! We are not to hide our light but place it where others can see it. For me, as a business owner, a non-believer asking me to take their photo is an opportunity to share Jesus with them. We are to make disciples of others, not hide behind our Bibles.

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