Sitting in the warmth of our star
Watching clouds pass by
As shadows mix with light
Reflecting off the wings of our bird
I sit in wonder at the seas of mist
As they meet a baby blue sky

A mountain range of fluff
Interrupts the placid sea of white
The silvery wingtip reflects the sun
It’s tranquil viewing this
Smoothly gliding through the air
Fatigue fades into fascination

Time winds on and the engines wine
Wheels screech and black smoke
Fades into the humid evening air
A brilliant tangerine sky highlights
The silvery clouds we’ve slipped beneath
Resplendent is the only word that fits

Creation continues to speak
With song and dance of the clouds
Highlights of the stars grace
Our glittering eyes after dusk
We’re given so much wonder
As we sail on our big blue ball

We’ll continue to spin in orbit
A tiny corner in our galaxy
Our only home in the Milky Way
On our pennons we still contaminate
Locked in by gravity our planet fades
Taking care of it is just a charade

Driven by pride and opulence we pollute
It’s resources plundered and hoarded
Beauty rendered inert again and again
Capitulated masses follow like sheep
Do we believe the mandate to care for our preserve
Do we destroy our bestowal in vanity

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