A new generation

A whole new generation of Christians has come up believing that it is possible to “accept” Christ without forsaking the world.

And there are some of us who have not forsaken the world as Christ accepted us.

Our desire is to spread the Gospel, and in that we are naturally counter-cultural. Sometimes that means being counter-cultural to American culture that has invaded Christianity. It means going back to loving the unlovable, and wrestling out our faith before God. We want to live life with those around us instead of being strangers telling them only what our convictions are. We want our friends to see our convictions in action as we navigate our world.

So yes, there are those who would rather put on appearances to gain acceptance by the world. Just remember, there are still young ones who genuinely want to follow Christ. We are out there. Our walks are messy, and we aren’t perfect. But we’re learning and growing in wisdom. We want to see the world changed for the cause of Christ. We want others to know His unfailing love. We want them to know redemption.

We want those in the older generations to know that. We want your wisdom and your help, even if it appears at times we don’t. I know I value it immensely. 🙂

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