Life is full of transitions. Sometimes they are simple, like adjusting to a minor change in the way things are run at work. Sometimes they can be more life changing and complex. In my case, it is the latter.

For many months I’ve been thinking about what is next in life. I knew surveying was temporary. Working that job allowed me to heal and grow in a desert season. I gained new skills and worked the best job I’ve had to date. However, consistently being torn away from community was frustrating. I want to grow, and the best way to do that is within a community.

Since I knew surveying wasn’t going to be a lifelong pursuit for me I began to ask what will be that pursuit. For the longest time (and still somewhat) I didn’t know how my gifts and talents line up into a lifelong career. Nothing I enjoyed doing as a hobby wouldn’t pay the bills, and I’m just not good enough to turn them into profit. That is perfectly ok, because I get to enjoy them for what they are. For me, jobs are an avenue in which I can interact and influence those around me. It’s a way for a people person to be a people person.

After thinking for a while along those lines and reflecting on what God has done and they ways He has used me, I kept coming back to counseling. Had I chosen a different major in college, that would have been it. Over the years, God has given me the avenues and encouragement to start seriously looking at counseling. So I began the search for schools and ways I could achieve the goals I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be able to work mostly full time to support myself and pay down debt while I’m in school. I also wanted to be able to be consistently involved in a church. Because of these things, an online degree seems to be the most convenient.

After talking to friends and random people I’ve met I kept hearing great things about Liberty University’s program. No school is perfect, but being in the top five of online counseling programs is hard to beat. I applied and was accepted in the summer. Then came financial aid, and there was none except for more loans. That was a road block for me for a while. The debt I have from undergrad is already annoying. At the same time I view this as an investment into my life, and in time it will pay for itself. Even beyond that, I’m trusting God that I can go through this and be provided for. He took care of me during college and in the years after, He’ll continue to be faithful. If this is the path He is leading me down, He will be there.

This line of thinking coincides with my move. So far, I’m still looking for a good job (Uber driver is my backup, and a few potentials). I’m trusting Him with my finances and getting to know a new set of people. I’m also trusting Him during the pain of transition. Moving isn’t easy, especially away from those I’ve grown to love here. Everyone here has been a shelter to me, and for that I am overflowing with thankfulness.

Figuring out where I am moving to was a rather difficult process. I sought to weigh my options and pray through all of them. I did this for months as well. After many conversations I made my decision. A few brought to light that in making this decision I wasn’t going to make a mistake. Fear tends to rule my decision making, especially that I’ll hurt the ones that I love as a result. One conversation in particular asked me this question: What does your gut say? My answer was that have a gut feeling that Fort Myers, Florida is next on the list in the places I’ll live in this life. I’m excited to sink my roots into this community. I’m excited for another place to call home.

I’ll be flying back in a week. I’ve yet to sell my car and wrap up a few things. Time is flying, but God is good. I know I’ll be taken care of.

Hopefully this isn’t too disjointed. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

On to the next adventure in life. God is good.

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