My heart

“When a writer gives something for you to read, they are showing you their heart.”

I resonate with this quote because whenever I write something, I feel as if I’m sharing a part of me… an essence of who I am in the form of print. Sometimes I share very vulnerable parts. Sometimes I take risks, some larger than others. I tend to imagine that my audience extends beyond my circle of friends. In essence, anyone.

I ask if those parts that I show will glorify God. I ask if those risks in what I say will further the Kingdom. That’s something I’ve been wrestling with a lot recently, especially the fear of getting it wrong. To be truthful, I’ve procrastinated and haven’t finished a piece for a long time because of this.

As I branch out and continue to speak about the things that impute passion on my heart, I worry about the implications of what I say might have. On the positive side, I imagine the change that may come from my words. It’s an exciting world of Christians dedicated to taking action and loving the individual like Christ has loved the Church.

With my next piece I’m working on, loving the individual is my heart.

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