My adventure

What a crazy, crazy past couple of days. A routine drive turned into an adventure I didn’t see coming.

It all started near Jacksonville, FL with a flashing check engine light. My night ended with my car stalling as I thankfully made it off the highway and into a gas station. Since it was so late at night and I needed to get it to a shop early, I decided it was best to sleep in my car. I’m glad I was prepared and had warm clothes, because somehow in FL it was close to freezing!

I managed to get some sleep and got it towed to a shop that had good Google reviews. I quickly realized the reviews belied this shop’s honesty. After getting advice from my dad and mechanic, we decided it best to get it to an honest mechanic and to someone we know. I told them to stop any work immediately. Having paid them an exorbitant amount for doing nothing to speak of and an expensive tow bill, I left.

After managing to get a costly uhaul and trailer for the first time ever (and having a scary moment of having to merge blind once) I brought it to the shop. There I had to back in a trailer with a 20ft uhaul so I could load my car. This was the second time I’ve done that, the first was when my dad taught me. It ended well. Thankfully the guy at the shop helped me push it on the trailer. They put the bolts and little bits in a box. Everything else in the engine bay that they had unbolted unnecessarily I put in the car. This includes a belt literally left hanging, an air box and several bits just sitting there. Not cool. Finally secured it all.

Then began a five hour journey south on about four hours of sleep and hardly anything to eat. It started with rush hour traffic. First time driving a uhaul and being as long as a semi, this was a baptism by fire. It soon calmed down, and I had no incidents. I finally arrived at 11pm.

A kind friend and mechanic helped me unload my car into his shop. Thankfully, there was a guy staying late to help us. Then we went to return the rental truck and trailer.

At the first place we went to, we couldn’t find the entrance. Then a man pulled in front of me and walked up with red eyes and what looked like water coming from them. He was very kind, and told me that this was his shop. It used to be their family business and they had closed it three weeks ago. He’s still looking for work.

He told me about uhaul places that were open and was incredibly kind. He also began to tell me about his wife, Janet, who is in the hospital. After seeing three doctors, her condition is undiagnosed. She is on so many pain killers she is barely cognizant.

After talking to him and learning about how much was going on in his life I realized that his red eyes and wet face were the makings of actual tears. This man, who had gone through so much tonight was helping me. It helped me to realize my problems were completely insignificant to what this man has gone through.

So God gave me and my friend the chance to pray with him and encourage him. He was genuinely glad and my friend gave him his business card so he could update us on how his wife is doing.

I suppose the crazy thing is I wouldn’t have had the chance had all of this not happened. I don’t understand completely why I have a broken car (with an expensive new-engine fix, if I decide to take that route), unforseen bills, and a now terrible financial position because of this (the money I had saved to last me for two months of job hunting is now gone), but I do know the first night I arrived here God has given me the chance to be used through those circumstances and despite them.

It is incredibly humbling to be in this position. It’s also incredibly tough. However, I know I am trusting an old Friend who has Todd’s (the man’s name) and my best interests in mind. I don’t know His ways, but they have been good for my heart. I ask you as my readers to join me in continuing to pray for Todd and Janet.

So things might not be easy, but God is always good and put an incredible capstone of blessing to my adventure down to Florida.

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