A new year, into 2019

Finishing #2018 the way I missed doing consistently.

It’s super easy to think I have so much time and can put so many things off. I’m the worst of procrastinators, and that’s been a lifelong pattern for me. I’ve been proud of it (who says I can’t get that project done in one night and get an A?).

Unfortunately, things that don’t feel immediate don’t ever get done. I forget, only to remember I meant to do those things. I’ve had many ideas, dreams, and little projects I’ve procrastinated on and those ideas are still in my head – even years later. What I’ve learned today by reflecting on this is this: What separates the dreamer from someone who just dreams is one little word. Do.

Think on the word dreamer and those you associate that word with. I imagine founders of charities, missions, church movements, businesses, scientific movements, and space programs have all in some form been dreamers. They have had these wonderful ideas in their heads, and put action to them!

That’s what has separated me. I love to call myself a dreamer. If I’m real with myself, I’m maybe more a romantic with some ideas. I just dream, and like dreams my thoughts and intentions live out their half lives in memory before they fade away because I don’t move for one reason or another.

#2019. Feels like I’m on a bit of a precipice I didn’t see. What I thrilling way to go into the new year! Jesus, I’ve dreamed a mediocre amount this past year and have done a ton less out of those dreams. Help me to remember I’m just a mist in the great rush of Your Spirit. I don’t have the ability to trust that I can just leave stuff for another day. It sounds really scary and overwhelming to actually live out everything in my head. Can you give me the strength and ability to work this out over this next year (and years to come)? I can’t do any of this without you Jesus. If I do it without you, all my actions would be as empty as the dreams left in my head. Thank You for loving me through all my messiness.

Amen. Let it be true.

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