“Love is blind”

I’m glad God isn’t blind to me in His love. That love isn’t real. True love sees brokenness for what it is. It knows the consequences and repercussions of that brokenness… And then that love died on the cross.

If love was blind, it would have ignored my brokenness. Where is the love in that? It feels like intentional ignorance and avoids the real problem. It avoids the conflict and messiness that brokenness entails. There is no fight for me because there never was one to begin with. Something so shallow shouldn’t mollify us.

This translates to what this statement pertains to – messy relationships with other humans. Blind love ignores a problem and shoves it under a rug. Eventually it piles up so much you trip over the rug.

Real love is when we acknowledge there dirt on the ground and work together to sweep it up. It’s HARD. That process is by its nature messy. Thankfully we have Someone to give us strength, wisdom, and an example to follow.

This is just a short little blurb. I’ve seen real Love work so hard and fight for me and I’ve done the same as much as possible. Love isn’t blind, it’s real and it sees.

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