Thoughts on gay marriage

How should we feel about legalizing gay marriage as Christians?

This question brings up a lot of derision and strong feelings. Conservative Christians do not feel like it is Biblical. As such, that is how they vote.

We have been given a power unprecedented in history. We have the freedom to vote based on our beliefs. We elect officials who hold our beliefs and turn to social media to make our voices loud.

To be honest, much of this ruckus sounds a whole lot like the clanging cymbals in Corinthians. We mean well, but by being vocal about our position on gay marriage we isolate the ones we are claiming we love. You know, just like the woman saved from being stoned. We’ve switched sides from the protector to the ones throwing the rocks.

They’re causing a lot of damage. Our pharisitical nature has bought a reputation of judgment and condemnation. Not community and love. How are we different from the others on the other side of the religious fence who disagree with gay marriage?

What about our position on other sins? If we are vocal about one sin, why aren’t we vocal about another? What about our laypeople addicted to porn and sleeping around? What about the malicious gossip that destroys peoples’ lives? Stealing? Lying? Manipulation? Oh that we would rip out the log in our own eyes and weep at our short-sightedness! Oh that we would go above and beyond to lament and ask forgiveness so that healing can come!

Have we any right to pass judgment on those outside of our faith? They are not bound to the same commands Jesus has given us. We become the parents who squash their children and repress them. In the end they are bitter and rebel against everything they were taught to believe. Good intentions are now out the window.

As we think about how to vote and believe about gay marriage, remember we are not a theocracy or a Christian nation. The Christian “nation” is not bound by borders. It is the Church and the Kingdom of God. Should we bind and force our morality on those who already resent it? Would there be a better way to hold our beliefs and still advance the Gospel through a better way of loving those around us? If marriage were declared illegal, wouldn’t we still have marriage anyway because it’s biblical? Does it change the fact Christ-based marriage is found in the church?

Thanks Matthew for those lady couple of thoughts.