Simply waiting

It started off as a normal day
Bringing kids to school and going to work
Simply going about my day
Evening comes and I’m simply waiting

A knock comes to my door
My heart sinks as an ashened face stares
Wrought with emotion I’m fully aware
His news that’s to come it’s waiting

Through my screams and my tears
It’s not what I expected at all
Not in the line of duty the gall
Murdered thinking of me who’s waiting

Even the thought of justice has been stripped
Along with my husband from my kids is gone
This man loved his job all along
Killed for his title I’m left waiting

He took his life before I could see his taken
All this pain and that’s not the worst
Christmas comes after the funeral first
With my husband wrapped in an empty coffin
I’m always waiting, now

This holiday season will be like no other
White snow around me but blackness in my heart
All from someone who didn’t know us from the start
Our lives are forever changed and I’m forever lost
I’m left simply waiting

I wrote this because of the heartache I can’t imagine the families are going through at losing their loved ones this Christmas season. The families of the two NYPD officers are grieving at their loved ones’ lives whisked from their grasp by a senseless act. I want us to grieve with them, with their loss as our loss. Most of us can’t imagine what they’re going through, but we can try and come along side them. We can cry with them, be angry with them, and hope with them that no one else has to go through having everything taken from them.